Manuka Honey & Ginger


Manuka Honey & Ginger

Key Features

  • Tasty addition of ginger, perfect for marinades and cooking
  • Natural alternative to sugar and sweeteners.
  • 100% New Zealand made.
  • No added colours, additives, flavours or preservatives.

How It Works:

The addition of ginger gives a tangy twist to this distinctive taste experience. Ginger has long been appreciated by Chinese and Indian civilisations for centuries for its warming and soothing actions.

Serving suggestion:

Manuka Honey & Ginger soothing drink
Perfect all year round, for a pure and natural taste sensation with many health benefits;

Weight Management; A great drink to kick start your metabolism for the day. Aids digestion; Lemon and ginger sooth the digestive tract and stimulate good digestion
1 tablespoon of Manuka and Ginger Honey
1 tablespoon of lemon juice
Warm water

Or spread generously onto bread or toast, enjoy as an eating experience by itself, delicious when added to a marinade and/or used as a cooking agent. Add as required into herbal or Asian teas, marinades, and Asian cooking.

Caution: Do not give honey to babies under 1 year of age.